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Note: The Tokyo Lens Podcast is currently on hiatus
But new, more personalized episodes are available every month over on the Tokyo Lens Patreon

Most Recent Project: The At Home Show

Every now and then, its good to just take a break from the world and fill your ears with something a little more positive.
From May of 2020, we have started The At Home Show;

An ongoing series where we sit down at home with a creators from all over and just take a break together!
The series is just getting started, but features creators such as:
Dogen, Micaela, Sherry Y, Currently Hannah, Abroad in Japan, Sharla, and many more!

Learn more about the At Home Show here:

Or, just kick back and jump into the latest episode of the Tokyo Lens Podcast right here:

The Podcast gives us the opportunity to go much deeper on the content and topics covered in the vlog.
No fast cuts, no heavy edits. Just you and me sitting down to talk. Deep, detailed, and honest.

A little background on the beginnings of the podcast:

I kicked off the podcast in November of 2017. The motivation behind doing so was quite simple…
The Tokyo Lens YouTube channel is heavily focused on telling the story to a wider audience, and as time went by,
the want and need to dive deeper into some of the content began to grow.
As the videos are edited and brief, I wanted to share content that was a bit more
in-depth with more of a behind-the-scenes feel to it. And so the Tokyo Lens Podcast was born.

It would mean the world to me if you would take time and check out some of the episodes I have put together so far.
Sincerely – Tokyo Lens Norm Nakamura


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Tokyo Lens Podcast

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