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About Tokyo Lens

Tokyo Lens started as a YouTube made almost entirely to
document the life behind the Tsugaru Shamisen journey of Norm Nakamura.

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Check out the Tokyo Lens Podcast

An old blog that I have re-purposed into a gallery.

or a few of my favorites video series

A Few of my Favorite Projects

The Ramen Documentary

In Northern Japan, hidden within the mountains, there is a town that every single Japanese person knows the name of. A Town that you may have never heard of.
This was one of the first videos in the “Tokyo Lens Documentary” playlist, and amazingly was shot in less than a day!

For more Tokyo Lens Documentaries, check out the official Tokyo Lens Website here:



A Recent Favorite : 24 Hours with a Japanese Hermit

After weeks of searching, the village that could no longer be found… was found.
Add 6 months of relationship building, 9 hours of driving, a hike through the mountains, a Japanese bear, and a broken finger and you get…. 24 Hours with a Japanese Hermit




Hiking the Nakasendo

The nakasendo hike between Magomejuku and Tsumagojuku is among the most beautiful walks you can do anywhere in the world. Come tag along~




Tokyo Secret Spots and….

This video is a recent favorite. It is a collaborative video with my good friend Lukasz Palka from Eyexplore (
Our goal going into this project was to share a few beautiful Tokyo Secrets, and one or two interesting concepts for capturing Tokyo that most people might not think of.

The video became an instant favorite of mine, not just for how much fun I had in both the shoot, and the edit, but for the end result and how much I was able to take away from the experience. This particular video included a very special guest from back home, which really added to the experience as well. The photo adventure that Lukasz took us on is something that I would recommend for every single person who makes their way to Japan. An amazing way to build and capture memories while here.

or watch it on YouTube here:



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